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How-to: saving costs in food transport

Handling and transporting eggs requires a careful approach, because eggs are valuable and fragile. Whether you are dealing with chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck or turkey eggs: you want to make sure they arrive at their destination in one piece.

Our range of products helps you achieve your goals. GI-OVO offers a variety of egg trays that are purpose-built for the type of eggs you work with. This ensures that the eggs cannot move when transported, reducing eggshell breakage.

Moreover, by optimising the number of trays with eggs that can be stored on a one tray, the loading capacity of trucks or containers will be maximised. This means less trucks on the road, which contributes to a more sustainable production chain and reduces your transport costs at the same time.

Dedicated EggsCargoSystem® for various egg types

We offer different types of cargo systems for eggs. The systems differ by size and the type of eggs they hold:

  • The EggsCargoSystem® Traditional allows you to store up to 12.960 chicken eggs per pallet.
  • The EggsCargoSystem® Mini is perfect for companies such as catering services, retailers and fast food chains. This system holds up to 2.880 chicken eggs per pallet.
  • Our EggsCargoSystem® XL cargo system is built to ensure the secure transport of duck and turkey eggs. It holds up to 5.760 eggs per pallet.

All of our cargo systems secure the transport of your eggs and minimise egg breakage. Each of these systems consists of trays, pallets and dividers, and can be expanded with various additional features. Our tray inspector helps identify potentially damaged or broken trays to ensure a smooth production process.

Next to our EggsCargoSystem, we offer a specialised system for the transport and protection of hatching eggs: the The HatchCargoSystem®. This system enables you to load 40% more eggs on a truck compared to alternative solutions.

Cost-saving, durable egg trays

Reduce costs with our egg storage, handling and transportation solutions

GI-OVO offers various types of pallets to transport your eggs. By using the pallets that match your production process, you can optimise your production flow as well as improve the transport of eggs. We offer a wide range of egg pallets with variable dimensions, such as the weight and loading capacity. By choosing the right pallet, you are able to store more eggs on a pallet, transport them easier and save money because the process is optimised.

Our pallets can be equipped with additional features, such as:

  • Your company logo or an inscription
  • The pallets can be produced in most RAL-colours
  • Our pallets are provided with a RFID-chip, which can be used for tracking and tracing your pallets and your eggs
  • Our Silver ion technology called GI-OVO Clean Compound® inhibits the growth of microorganisms and bacteria

A sustainable way to transport your eggs

Sustainability in food distribution is an important theme for GI-OVO. All of our products are designed to improve the sustainability of the handling and transportation of eggs. By using high quality materials, our products will last for many years. We strive to minimise waste in our production process as well as yours. By reusing and recycling waste and end-of-life products, we not only contribute to a circular economy but save money at the same time as we require less raw materials.

When products reach the end of their lifespan, we recycle them wherever we can. Moreover, we produce our own green electricity: we use only non-fossil fuels.

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With our products, you can optimise your production and egg handling processes. You require less trucks or containers to transport the same amount of eggs, while the breakage of eggs is drastically reduced. Optimising your processes allows you to contribute to a more sustainable production and transport process, while you can reduce your costs at the same time. Would you like to know more about how GI-OVO products can benefit you? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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