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Chicken eggs handling solutions

Chicken eggs come in various sizes and weight categories. We designed a number of egg handling solutions for chicken eggs to help you store and transport your chicken eggs.

Egg trays for various chicken egg sizes

Our Standard-, Jumbo 1.0- and Jumbo 2.0 egg trays are all designed to carry 30 chicken eggs. Their smart design helps reduce eggshell breakage greatly and makes them easily stackable allowing you to transport more chicken eggs per pallet than ever before.


Up to 6 rows 12.960 chicken eggs

Stacking these highly durable trays on a single pallet (120x90x235cm) allows you to transport and store up to 5 rows 10.800 chicken eggs and 6 rows 12.960 chicken eggs with ease.

Learn more about the EggsCargoSystem

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Safely carry 180 or 360 eggs from one place to another

Need to hand-carry chicken eggs from one place to another? Our Egg Crate Single Stack allows you to do that with great care of the eggs in it. The highly durable crate provides excellent protection against eggshell breakage during handling. Easily transport 180 chicken eggs by hand by stacking multiple egg trays and placing them inside the crate.

Trays for chicken eggs of all sizes

In need of a complete egg handling solution?

For a complete, stackable and transportable egg handling solution, learn more about our EggsCargoSystem.

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