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Every year hundreds of millions of egg packs are produced and sold. Most of them are
used only once and then trown away. The question is – why do we still accept this?

After all, the single use of packaging has a major impact on our environment. Why don’t we change this out of respect for ourselves and our planet? Now you are probably wondering how.
The answer is CEEP®, which stands for Circular Economy Egg Packaging. CEEP® is the answer to a world that needs to become more sustainable.

Being able to use the same reusable raw material over and over again is one way to get there.

Based on consumer insights

Today’s consumers expect a greater contribution from manufacturers and retailers when it comes to sustainability. In particular, the single use of packaging material should be changed in ways in which the packaging or at least the raw material can be demonstrably reused.

Environmentally friendly

CEEP® is provided with a deposit and can be taken back to the store, after which the CEEP® is offered to the bottle collection machine. After collection, CEEP® goes to the plastic recycling industry where CEEP® is processed into reusable raw material.

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