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Customer satisfaction is the highest attainable goal for us. In the testimonials below you can read stories from our customers and their experiences with our products and systems.

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Midlands Eggs

Midlands Eggs was founded in 2011 as a humble egg packing facility, opened by two local egg farmers.


EIFRISCH not only represents quality, reliability and transparency. It has focussed on alternative..

The Eurovo Group

Social responsibility is a strongly felt value in the Eurovo Group. Animal welfare, environmental...

Farmers Hen House

Farmers Hen House is a family owned company, established 1997 by Eldon T. Miller and nowadays Ryan..

Forsman USA

Our fourth generation is now continuing the family farming tradition. We are proud of our connection

Hosberg AG

The founding family Reinhard has been practicing Bio-KAG agriculture for decades. In 1996 they....

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