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GI-OVO has everything you need to get your eggs from point a to b. Crates, egg packaging , egg hatching solutions or sending pallets, GI-OVO has it all. With our sustainable solutions we want to strive for less waste, high protection of the eggs during transport and sustainability.

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GI-OVO not only offers solutions for the transport of eggs, but also for the transport of day-old-chicken and live birds. Our products and systems are strong, durable, easy to clean, UV stabilized and made of hight quality HDPE virgin material. Click on the solutions to find out more!


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Egg crates

Our egg crates are designed to best protect the eggs during transport. With our ergonomic system you can easily transport larger loads of eggs. The egg crates are made of the best materials on the market. The crates carry up to 300 kilos and weigh two and a half kilograms. There are also crates for live birds. These are designed with the safety of the birds in mind. Here too, various options are possible.

Read more about our crates.

Egg packaging

With CEEP, our latest development in egg packaging from GI-OVO has come about. It stands for Circular Economy Egg packaging. CEEP was designed with durability in mind. While traditional egg packaging is used once and then discarded, CEEP can be reused. The boxes also weigh less and are smaller for transport. Learn more about our egg packaging solutions.

Hatching solutions

With our HatchCargoSystem you can safely transport fertilized chicken eggs. With manual stacking you can transport up to 25% more eggs. With robot stacked pallets, this increases to 40%. The system has smart pallets that minimize movement. This means fewer eggs break. If eggs do break, you can easily wash the box without special cleaning products.

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Pallets for egg transport and storage

Our pallets have different purposes. Whether you have certain size requirements, need the pallets to be stacked or double stacked or perhaps racket, we got the right solution for you.

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