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Egg packaging

Our mission is to supply innovative high-end, quality plastic packaging and durable plastic logistic systems beneficial for our global customers. All our products are: Eggyplay en CEEP

Egg packaging

We aim to deliver the same high quality service in egg packaging solutions as in our egg transportation systems. This means our egg packaging products need to give the eggs maximum protection and be environmentally friendly. These requirements were the foundation of eggyplay and later CEEP. Depending on your target audience and objective one of these solutions will definitely meet your demands. We guarantee you to deliver you the best solution and fit your needs.

Egg packaging options

Egg packaging solution CEEP

CEEP is our latest development in the field of egg packaging solutions. It stands for Circular Economy Egg Packaging. The circular economy is a model of production and consumption where existing materials are used as long as possible. This means the egg packaging boxes are made of the best reusable raw materials. We invented CEEP because we use hundreds of millions of egg packs yearly, all to be used just once. But when all the eggs in de CEEP packaging are consumed, the pack can be taken back to the store. They are provided with a deposit and you can offer them to the bottle collection machine. The product then goes to the plastic recycling industry where CEEP is processed into reusable raw material.

Every CEEP box can hold eight eggs in the sizes S, M and L. Because we not only want to do the best for the environment, but also want to bring some colour into the lives of the consumers, they are available in yellow, green, magenta and cyan. And if you want to send a message to your audience, or make it more commercial, it is possible to provide the boxes with a band roll; a thin strip of paper wrapped around the box with your personal quote, logo or mission.

Eggyplay: making egg packaging more fun

Especially for the little ones we developed eggyplay: colourful boxes that inspire children to use their imagination, play and build. Because their castle or racing cars get bigger with every box they are stimulated to eat more eggs. These egg packaging boxes are of course made of environmentally friendly moulded plastic and are dishwasher safe. Just as CEEP, the eggyplay boxes are available in four different colours and each box contains eight eggs. A box of 200 pieces contains all bright colours: cyan, yellow, magenta and green. A big plus of these boxes is that they weigh less than standard egg packaging boxes and take up less space when stacked. In other words: transport is more easy and even fuel-efficient. This makes them perfect for small shops and farm shops, home sales of eggs, campsites and kindergartens.

Use the egg packaging solutions of GI-OVO

Are you interested in our egg packaging solutions and do you wonder how they can benefit your business? Please feel free to contact us. GI-OVO intends to come back to you within 48 hours. It is also possible to call us at +31 (0) 88 – 030 89 00 with any questions. Our representatives will help you find the best solution for your company.

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