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GI-OVO China was founded in 2023. The reason for this is that we want to have our own office in the country with the most laying hens in the world, and also want to produce the EggsCargoSystem in the country itself. Everything in the service of our Chinese customers. Particularly because of local production, we are able to deliver very quickly, reduce shipping costs and enable our customers to pay in their own currency.

Driven by our strategy to produce the EggsCargoSystem [ECS] closer to our customers, which substantially shortens delivery times and avoids the costs of sea freight, we started production of ECS in China in 2023.

We currently work in China with one plastic injection company that produces the complete EggsCargoSystem. It goes without saying that the quality and uniformity of the system produced in China corresponds 100% to that of ECS produced in Italy and other places around the world. Nothing is more important to us than that the quality and uniformity of the EggsCargoSystem, regardless of where we produce it in the world, is always of the same high level.

As in all other GI-OVO Business Units, we work closely with partners in China who help us with the promotion and sales of the EggsCargoSystem. All these activities are coordinated by our Senior Sales Manager Jasmine Liu.


Room 2906, 580 Nanjing Rd(W) 200041 Shanghai, China

+31 88 030 89 00


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