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Duck & turkey eggs handling solutions

Duck or turkey eggs tend to be larger than standard chicken eggs. They therefore require different egg handling solutions. We specifically designed and manufactured the EggsCargoSystem XL with larger eggs in mind.

Egg trays for duck & turkey eggs

Our ECS XL egg trays support a wide range of egg sizes. They’re perfect for storing, handling and transporting duck- and turkey eggs. Each perfectly stackable tray allows for up to 20 XL-sized eggs and provides an excellent level of egg protection to greatly reduce eggshell breakage.

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Transport over 5760 eggs easily!

Due to its smart, stackable design, these trays can be easily piled on a pallet. 4 layers of stackable egg trays allow you to transport 5760 eggs with ease. With the ECS XL you can load over 200,000 duck or turkey eggs per truck.

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Egg crates for handling larger eggs with care

Egg handling has been made easy thanks to these strong and durable egg crates. The crates allow you to stack up to 200 eggs with ease. Transport them safely from A to B. In the single stack crate you can stack up to 120 eggs. In the double stack crate you can stack up to 240 eggs. 

Trays for duck and turkey eggs

Crates to make handling larger eggs easy

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For a complete, stackable and transportable egg handling solution, learn more about our EggsCargoSystem.

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