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Egg transportation

Our mission is to supply innovative high-end, quality plastic packaging and durable plastic logistic systems beneficial for our global customers. All our products are: SustainableDesigned for maximum protectionDurable

Egg handling and egg transport innovations

GI-OVO leads the way when it comes to egg handling and egg transport innovations. We don’t just produce logistic solutions and packaging for the egg industry, but we design, create and produce them with the conviction we want to create the best. For the egg industry and the environment. This means that quality, sustainability and customer comfort are our top priorities.

Egg handling and egg transport

For every question you might have about egg handling and egg transportation, we have a solution. Do you want to transport more eggs in the same truck? No problem. Do you need extra strong pallets? We have them. Do you prefer recycled or virgin materials? We got you.

GI-OVO developed several brands to meet your requirements. When it comes to egg transportation, hatching eggs or eggs for consumption, we have everything you might need. We make sure the egg transport is safe and completely responsible. It doesn’t matter if you transport quail, chicken, turkey, duck or other eggs.

Egg transport and handling: meet our brands

GI-OVO developed five brands that will definitely live up to your expectations. Every brand has its own unique characteristics and can be customized especially for you. We love to introduce them to you, starting with our own EggsCargoSystem.

Egg transport for consumption eggs with ECS

Are you looking for the best egg transport system for consumption eggs? Then we highly recommend EggsCargoSystem. ECS was introduced in the year 2000, because we wanted to offer a better solution for the current metal roll containers and paper trays. ECS offers:

  • maximum protection during egg transportation: less than 3 percent cracked eggs!;
  • It’s also the most sustainable system available on the market. Not only due to the extremely long lifespan, but also because the product is fully recyclable;
  • And last but not least, you can transport more eggs in the same truck!

EggsCargoSystem has three different labels, depending on what kind of eggs and how many eggs you want to transport:

  • EggsCargoSystem Traditional;
  • EggsCargoSystem XL;
  • EggsCargoSystem Mini.

ECS Traditional is for the transportation of chicken eggs. One pallet can hold a maximum of 12.960 eggs. EggsCargoSystem XL is developed for the transportation of larger eggs, like duck and turkey eggs. One pallet holds a maximum of 5760 eggs. ECS Mini is the newest family member and was launched in the year 2010. Perfectly suitable for catering services and retailers. An EggsCargoSystem Mini pallet holds a maximum of 2.880 eggs per pallet.

Transportation and protection of hatching eggs with HCS

The world’s most innovative system for transporting and protecting hatching eggs is HCS. HatchCargoSystem is a smart designed system, made of the best plastic available on the market. This gives HCS a lot of benefits compared to traditional trolleys. You can transport 25 percent more eggs in the same truck and because it’s possible to adjust the volume you can save substantial costs on transport. Due to their size and material they can be cleaned and disinfected by existing washing equipment. Another big advantage is the fact that setter trays cannot bounce on a HCS pallet. This means less cracks and more profit. It is also possible to provide them with an RFID chip, so you always know where your load is.

Egg handling and packaging

Our other two brands are packaging brands. We’d love for you to meet eggyplay and CEEP. Both colourful, of high quality and made to recycle and reuse. They are both environmentally friendly and CEEP is developed for a circular economy! The design of CEEP and eggyplay makes transportation simpler and more fuel efficient. A win win situation.

Egg handling and egg transport with GI-OVO

Whether you are a big or a small company, you deliver eggs in the US, Europe, Asia or Latin America, for egg handling and safe egg transport you can count on GI-OVO! We give you the best products and systems for egg handling and transportation. Do you like to come into contact with us or do you like to receive a free quotation? Then please fill out our contact form.


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