EggsCargoSystem® Mini

EggsCargoSystem® Mini contains of specific small pallet and smart designed dividers to seperate the stacks. There are 3 type of trays. Standard, Jumbo 1.0 and Jumbo 2.0 all designed to maximum protect the eggs.

The EggsCargoSystem® Mini

The EggsCargoSystem® Mini contains a specific small pallet and smart designed dividers to seperate the 4 stacks. The trays belonging to the system are exactly the same as being used for the traditional EggsCargoSystem®. The EggsCargoSystem® Mini is specially meant for egg supply to large institutions, catering services, fast food chains and retailers.


EggsCargoSystem® Trays

EggsCargoSystem® Pallets

EggsCargoSystem® Dividers


EggsCargoSystem® Mini is developed to transport smaller quantities of eggs from the packing centre to the final consumer, like large institutions, hospitals, fast food, catering services and retail, based on the same principals as the traditional EggsCargoSystem®

More convenient – More sustainable – Less cost – Less environment damage – Less labour

1 pallet = 2.880 eggs

8 boxes = 2.880 eggs


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