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With an unwavering commitment to advancing the poultry industry, we understand the value of keeping our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends and research. This dedication has led us to curate an exclusive collection of the best global, regional, and local poultry-related magazines.

GI-OVO is your partner in egg handling

At GI-OVO we have everything you need to get your eggs from a to b, safely. We manufacture and sell the EggsCargoSystem, durable egg cratesegg packaging and our egg hatching solution; the HatchCargoSystem.

Our philosophy about our products is simple. We make and design our products to be sustainable, striving for less waste. All our products are made of virgin plastic raw materials and designed to minimize damage to the eggs during transportation.

Poultry magazines by region:

Global Poultry magazines:

We present you with a list of resources that provide you with the knowledge you need to get and stay ahead of the competition:

Positive Action Publications LTD Hatchery Practice magazine logo

International Hatchery Practice:

Positive Action Publications Ltd.

Learn about the latest research and developments in hatchery practices from around the world.

Positive Action Publications LTD magazine logo

International Poultry Production:

Positive Action Publications Ltd

Gain insights into global poultry production methods and market trends.

Poultry World magazine logo

Poultry World:

Stay updated with the latest news and reports from the global poultry industry.

WATT Poultry International magazine logo

Poultry International:


Follow this renowned magazine for comprehensive updates on egg and poultry businesses worldwide.

Zootecnica magazine logo

Zootecnica International:

Discover new technologies and tools to enhance your egg production and poultry farming.

Latin American Poultry Magazines:

Munda Agro magazine logo

Mundo Agro Editorial:

Dive deep into the world of agribusiness and poultry industry in Latin America.

Asian Poultry magazines:

Asian Agri-Biz magazine logo

Poultry Magazine:

Asian Agri-Biz

Dive deep into the world of agribusiness and poultry industry in Asia.

USA Poultry magazines:

Egg News USA magazine logo

Egg News:

Get the latest egg industry news directly sent to your inbox.

German Poultry magazines:

DGS magazin Deutschland logo

DGS Magazin:

Get the latest news from the national and international poultry industry.

Australian Poultry magazines:

Eggstra! Australia poultry magazine logo



High quality monthly magazine about the egg industry.

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