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The eggyplay® boxes are completely unique and will certainly attract a lot of attention – both in stores and at home, where they inspire children to let their imagination run free. With eggyplay® boxes children can build large, colourful houses, castles, bridges, and much more. This is a truly value adding egg box that gives children hours of entertainment.

Safe, colourful, and fun!

The eggyplay® boxes are made from environmentally friendly moulded plastic. They interconnect and can be safely stacked like building blocks. Each box contains 8 eggs and fits eggs in sizes S, M or L. The boxes are available in four bright colours. Each pack contains all four colours.

Before using as a toy, the boxes must be washed in a dishwasher at min. 65 °C to reduce risk of bacterial contamination. We strongly advice against sitting or standing on the boxes. The boxes will break under excessive pressure.

Based on consumer insights

The eggyplay® concept combines the simple, but powerful consumer insights that ’children love eggs’ and ‘children love toys’. As a result, the eggyplay® boxes make eggs even more fascinating for children and this promotes wholesome food as well as wholesome play.

Environmentally friendly

The eggyplay® box is made from dishwasher-proof polypropylene, allowing it to be reused as building blocks. The eggyplay® box weighs less than standard egg boxes and takes up half the space when opened and stacked. An important consideration at home and for the environment: the design makes transport simpler and more fuel-efficient.

Technical Details

Product data

Eggs per box: 8 Eggs size S, M, L


D103.9 x W206 x H71.7 mm
Weight 33.3 ± 0.5%


  • Magenta (PE4A663L)
  • Yellow (PE7977L)
  • Cyan (PE9B729L)
  • Green (PE8A950L)


  • Polypropylene (PP05).
  • Approved for contact with food.
  • Polypropylene is recyclable.

Machine settings

MOBA denester settings: L 18 G 2 J 12 I1 5 I2 38
SANOVO denesting set EGGS01


IML (in-mould label). EUP-based printed polypropylene film, vegetable oil-based printing ink, water-dilutable acrylic lacquer. Compliance with food contact legislation. Compliance with overall migration limits (OML).

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20” Container

Dimensions pallets
H x W x D mm
2210 x 840 x 1150
Weight pallets 297 kg net weight
Pieces per pallet 9.000
Full load 14 pallets x 9,000 boxes
= 126,000 units

40” Container

Dimensions pallets
H x W x D mm
2210 x 840 x 1150
Weight pallets 297 kg net weight
Pieces per pallet 9.000
Full load 28 pallets x 9,000 boxes
= 252,000 units


Dimensions pallets
H x W x D mm
2210 x 840 x 1150
Weight pallets 297 kg net weight
Pieces per pallet 9.000
Full load 32 pallets x 9,000 boxes
= 288,000 units


Designs in use

Instore and events

Displays and merchandise


Eggyplay® is fun, sustainable and reusable! This brings advantages for children, wholesalers and customers. The colorful boxes provide hours of entertainment for children: stack them to build a racecar, bridge or even a fairytale castle.
Because the boxes are made of environmentally friendly plastic, they are recyclable: wholesalers can use their stock over and over again. And what is in it for the customers? Take the box back to the store to take your new eggs with you.

Do you have any questions after watching the video? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you what the system can do for you.


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