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Quail eggs handling solutions

Quail eggs are delicate and require special care and attention when storing, handling and transporting them. That is why we have designed and manufactured a range of products that are specifically made to meet the needs of quail egg producers and distributors.

Quail egg trays

Our quail egg trays provide maximum protection to reduce eggshell breakage. They are perfectly stackable and carry 72 quail eggs each. The trays are suitable for quail eggs up to 45 mm in height and 17,1 grams in weight.

Quail egg crates that carry up to 1296 eggs!

To ensure the safe transportation of these small eggs, we designed a special crate that can carry up to 1296 quail eggs. Simply place the stacks of trays inside of these crates and stack them on a pallet.

In need of a complete egg handling solution?

For a complete, stackable and transportable egg handling solution, learn more about our EggsCargoSystem.

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