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Our mission is to supply innovative high-end, quality plastic packaging and durable plastic logistic systems beneficial for our global customers. All our products are: egg crates – crates for day old chicken and live birds.

Crates: transport for eggs and poultry

Whether you transport eggs or poultry, our crates are the ones you want to use. We took everything into account: the needs of your company, the eggs or birds you want to transport and the environment. That’s how we developed safe, strong and durable crates. All our crates offer maximum protection because quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction have always been our main focus.

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Egg crates

Perfection in a crate! GI-OVO developed the ultimate crate for eggs on trays where the best protection meets an ergonomic system. Materials, measurements, weight and the easy in and easy out inserts make the EggsCargoSystem crate perfect for every egg grading company. The egg crates, can hold up to 180/360 chicken eggs per crate! Of course they are also suitable for duck eggs and quail eggs. When you want to use the egg crates to transport duck or turkey eggs, you can transport up to 120/240 eggs per crate. When it comes to quail eggs, you can transport up to 648/1296 eggs per crate.

Crates for bird transport

Besides crates for egg transport we also supply crates for bird transport. We have several systems with multiple variations to meet all your needs. Whether you transport birds, chickens or turkeys, or you want one or several compartments. All the crates are HD polyethylene UV stabilized and are as safe as possible.

The Piedmont line is a more economical and safe product, because the crates have smooth and round surfaces which minimize bruises and broken wings. It has maximum ventilation and the design guarantees quicker and easier cleaning. The crates for bird transport are very simple to assemble and the interlocking reduces danger of load shifting. Piedmont Coop comes in two sizes, normal and mini, and you can choose between one, two or three doors. The coops for turkey are of the same design, the only difference is the amount of doors. You can choose between one or two doors.

Besides the coops we also deliver a wide variety of day-old-chick boxes. They are very easy to stack and are strong and durable. Other pro’s are the fact that they are hygienic and easy to clean, have rounded edges so they are very safe for the birds and have excellent ventilation. You can choose between one, two or four compartments.

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