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SANOVO is a big name in the egg industry. The company was founded in 1961 and has since then evolved into the world leading supplier of a wide variety of egg handling solutions.

The number one supplier in egg grading, packing, automation related solutions

SANOVO is a big name in the egg industry. The company was founded in 1961 and has since then evolved into the world leading supplier of a wide variety of egg handling solutions. Egg grading, packing, automation and processing, solutions for broiler and layer breeding, technology for egg cultured vaccine production and more: SANOVO’s portfolio is impressive.

The company operates on all continents, through an extensive network of their own sales & services companies as well as over 100 distributors.

We spoke with Michael Behrendsen, Chief Commercial Officer at Sanovo, about the match between SANOVO and GI-OVO.

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Egg grading, packing and processing: SANOVO and GI-OVO form a perfect match

“The EggsCargoSystem is the perfect match with our egg automation and loading program. By using the ECS, there is no egg loss in the transfer area of egg grading, packing and processing factories,” Michael states. “Our equipment works with solutions from other companies as well, but if you are looking for the best possible performance in the market in terms of transport and storage, there is only one combination!”

Setting the standards in the egg industry

One of the main benefits that the EggsCargoSystem offers is the standardization. The trays, pallets and other components always come in the exact same size. For companies such as SANOVO, this is vital in the processing of the products.

Michael explains why. “The ECS ensures safe transport of eggs, no matter what condition they are in. This is not the case for wet soft pulp trays or other systems that do not consist of a complete solution with trays, dividers and pallets. By offering these various components in a single solution, the ECS significantly contributes to the standardization of safe transportation in the egg industry.”

This standardization of egg trays and the other components of the EggsCargoSystem allows SANOVO to set up their solutions to work flawlessly with the ECS. ”The biggest advantage for us, as technology providers, is that the majority of our customers work with the ECS, and we know the exact setting on our equipment to make it a great pair.”

A collaboration that benefits all

Michael explains that there is another familiar solution that he loves to bring to the table: the tracking and tracing products from Ovotrack. “I cannot think of anything that I would change about the ECS, but I hope that customers also take advantage of the RFID possibilities in the pallets. In combination with Ovotrack’s solutions, this allows customers to know exactly where their eggs are, where they come from, where they will go, and this also goes for your reusables.” Combining Ovotrack’s tracking and tracing technology with the grading solutions from SANOVO and the handling and transport solutions from GI-OVO, we offer an all-in-one solution for companies that are active in the egg industry.

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