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Sustainability in food distribution

Globally, about 14% of all food is lost after harvesting, but before it reaches retailers. With other words, during food distribution. Crops, but also eggs, are wasted during transportation, storage and handling. Breakage from handling and packing eggs ranges between 1.50% to 2.65%.

While breakage due to transportation was found to be about 0.16 to 2.65%. Needless to say, this has an enormous economic impact, moreover putting pressure on worldwide food supply. Sustainable food distribution should be any business’ prime focus. At GI-OVO, we offer the industry’s most sustainable egg storage and transportation solutions.

Sustainable egg transport

To counter eggshell breakage during handling and egg transportation, GI-OVO designed the Eggs Cargo System (ECS). The ECS consists of egg trays, transport pallets and dividers to help keep the egg trays in place during storage and transport. Having sold close to 300 million Eggs Cargo Trays in over 120 different countries, GI-OVO contributes daily to making the eggs industry more sustainable.

Sustainable Egg Trays

Besides reducing eggshell breakage significantly, our egg trays themselves are also sustainable. They are made of high-quality, durable plastic. Designed for maximum protection.

Egg packaging solutions

Matching transport pallets

All our transport and storage pallets are HACCP approved and temperature resistant. They can be used on their own, but work best in our complete system of pallets, trays and dividers.

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Reduce eggshell breakage

Over a third of Asia’s- and Latin America’s-, and half of Sub-Saharan Africa’s food waste can be attributed to distribution, handling and storage. The US and Europe also see between 13-20% of their eggs wasted getting them from production to retailers. If you wish to reduce food waste, and thus reduce eggshell breakage, our eggs transportation solutions will get you there. Talk to us about your business and we will provide you with a custom solution.


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