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Reduce eggshell breakage with dedicated egg handling equipment

The food industry is unique and especially working with delicate products, such as eggs, requires a tailored approach. Eggs are fragile so handling and transporting them is a challenge, as eggshell breakage can easily occur when you are not using the right equipment.

GI-OVO is dedicated to optimising egg handling and egg transport flows. We offer a variety of products that improve your production process and reduce eggshell breakage.

Sustainability is an important theme in everything we do. We only use virgin raw materials for our products. This guarantees a long product lifespan. Also, we recycle as many products as we can, we minimise our waste and we produce our own green electricity. Our mission is to help improve the sustainability in the food distribution industry.

GI-OVO’s EggsCargoSystem® Reduces eggshell breakage

When handling fragile goods such as eggs, you want to make sure your products cannot move, as even the slightest movement can cause the egg to break. We offer 3 types of solutions within our EggsCargoSystem® range. The systems are optimised to handle specific types of eggs in various quantities.

  • The ECS Traditional holds up to 12.960 chicken eggs per pallet
  • The ECS XL holds up to 5.760 duck or turkey eggs per pallet
  • The ECS Mini holds a maximum of 2.880 eggs per pallet

The egg trays and pallets to match your business

Our highly durable egg trays and matching pallets are vital parts in reducing eggshell breakage. They are made to perfectly hold your type of eggs, so the products cannot move. The trays can be stacked seamlessly, so you can optimise the number of trays and pallets that can be transported in one truck or container. For the production of our trays and pallets, we choose to use only virgin raw materials: this ensures the highest quality products.

Upgrade your systems with the GI-OVO Tray Inspector

Our egg handling trays are designed to be as durable as possible and last for a long period, but circumstances may cause trays to break. These broken trays need to be removed from your production line, as they may cause broken eggshells and disrupt your production process when they jam your production line.

This is where our ECS Tray Inspector comes in. The Tray Inspector is a valuable addition to the EggsCargoSystem®, as it analyses every single tray and notices cracks and malfunctions. Broken trays are automatically separated from your production line.

The inspector handles up to 2.000 trays per hour. It is a modular device that consists of a basic version, which can be upgraded with various additional options that help you improve your production line.


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GI-OVO is a world leader in the egg handling and transport industry. Our products are used by numerous customers worldwide and our team is always working to improve and innovate our portfolio. Are you interested in our EggsCargoSystem® or one of our other products that help you reduce eggshell breakage? Get in touch with your local GI-OVO office or send us an email. We are happy to help.


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