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Press Release EggsCargoSystem XL®

GI-OVO recently expanded its EggsCargoSystem range with a variant for duck and turkey eggs. With the experience and knowledge of 20 years EggsCargoSystem for chicken eggs, GI-OVO has now introduced a specific system for these larger eggs.

The EggsCargoSystem for duck and turkey eggs is called EggsCargoSystem XL, which refers to the larger eggs. The XL system consists of the same pallet as is used for the traditional system. The trays are completely new and designed for this purpose.

The tray holds 20 eggs and is designed so that the eggs can be maximally protected during transport. The intermediate plates which are inserted between the stacks are made of very sturdy corrugated board. Of course, in line with the traditional EggsCargoSystem, the XL system has also been designed to be fully automated by robots.
During the VIV Asia, which will be held in Bangkok Thailand from 13 to 15 March, the new EggsCargoSystem XL will be shown to the general public for the first time.
On the GI-OVO website www.gi-ovo.com you can read all about the EggsCargoSystem XL.


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