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Our new Business Unit Manager China ; Jasmine Liu!

We are very pleased to introduce our new colleague; Jasmine Liu! She will join us as Business Unit Manager for GI-OVO China.

Our new Business Unit Manager; Jasmine Liu!

We are pleased to introduce our new team member; Jasmine Liu! She will join us as Business Unit Manager China.
From January 2024 we start the production of our EggsCargoSystem® in Taizhou, China. Like goes for the other branches GI-OVO has over the world, we decided to start production in China in order to be as close as we can to our customers.

Jasmine worked for Facco China before she decided to join our team. Jasmine will build up the business unit for GI-OVO in China and concentrates in particular on customers who like to further atomize / robotize their processes. After all, that is where the EggsCargoSystem has its main advantages.

We are very happy Jasmine chose to work for GI-OVO and we wish her a lot of success in this job.


Welcome Jasmine!


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