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ECS 20th anniversary

In 2020, GI-OVO from Barneveld The Netherlands and belonging to the Italian Giordano Holding, celebrates the 20th anniversary of the EggsCargoSystem®.

The EggsCargoSystem® has been developed to optimally protect consumption and hatching eggs during their journey from the farm to the processing site.

The introduction of the EggsCargoSystem® has brought the egg industry to a new level worldwide. Where a great deal was done by hand in the past, robots are now being used to stack the pallets on and off.

Thanks to the development of the EggsCargoSystem® and with that the coming of robots and other peripheral equipment, eggs are optimally protected and processed with the aim of minimizing the percentage of cracked eggs and increasing the productivity.

In addition to the standard EggsCargoSystem® for the transport of 10,800 eggs, there is the XL tray which is suitable for transporting ducks and turkey eggs and a large number of accessories and options ensuring the widest flexibility and process control.

Over the last 20 years, more than 250 million trays have been sold in combination with the pallets and dividers composing the system. All large and medium-sized egg processors and hatcheries worldwide use the EggsCargoSystem®.

EggsCargoSystem®, the world’s most reliable system for eggs handling!

More information www.gi-ovo.com


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