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Come work with us!

GI-OVO B.V. (www.gi-ovo.com) is a streamlined and dynamic Dutch company controlled by the Italian group Giordano Holding, the same holding that owns Giordano Poultry Plast Spa.

The latter produces and GI-OVO worldwide sells and distributes the egg handling system called ECS which stands for EggsCargoSystem®, the absolute leader in optimizing and automating the transport for chicken / turkey shell and hatching eggs.
To better manage its growing business, GI-OVO is looking for a:

Sales Manager North America

The sales manager will be responsible for following and developing the sales and promotion of the EggsCargoSystem® in the described area. It is the aim of GI-OVO to find expansion of its business in the field of egg grading, processing and hatching of both chicken and turkey eggs.
Knowledge of and experience in the egg industry is an advantage.
Primary and secondary employment conditions in line with the market.

Applications will be evaluated for a full-time as well as a part-time job, if already active in complementary sector(s).

Interested? Please send your application (CV) before December 6th to:
GI-OVO per email: jacco@gi-ovo.com


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