Re-inforced pallet

In addition to our standard ECS pallet, we also supply a so-called re-inforced version. In this case, the pallet is equipped with 3 galvanized steel pipes that run parallel to the length of the pallet. These tubes are processed on the inside of the pallet, and...
Pallet with closed deck

Pallet with closed deck

High quality virgin material Strong – durable – long life time. Optional: BSA (Bio Security Additive) to prevent cross contamination This pallet is also suitable for warehouse racks without steel reinforcement.

Pallet with open deck

High quality HDPE virgin material RFID-chip for track & trace For perfect recognition the pallets can be provided with an inscription, free of charge. Can be reinforced with stainless steel bars Strong – durable – long life time Optional: BSA (Bio Security...

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