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Midlands Eggs


Midlands Eggs was founded in 2011 as a humble egg packing facility, opened by two local egg farmers. Since then it has grown to become a trusted household brand in KZN and currently represents several local egg farmers. Midlands Eggs produces 300 000 eggs a day.

Many of the original team members who began the journey with Midland Eggs back in 2011 are still part of the team today. As they have grown, so has their team but they remain a family run business that values loyalty, hard work and a good dose of humour to get them through the busy month ends and festive season rushes.

Grading machine

In 2018 they took a major step in their commitment to quality and invested in a state-of-the-art egg grading machine all the way from the Netherlands. It was a big step forward as it allowed Midlands Eggs to handle eggs faster and more efficiently, but most importantly, it allows tighter control over every egg that passes through their facility.

Eggs cargo system®

In November 2021 they purchased our Eggs Cargo System® for the first time. With this purchase the loading capacity for their trucks is optimised, the eggs are maximally protected (<3% cracked eggs), and their automation performance is optimally used. By eliminating waste through cleaning and multiple use, a sustainable and hygienic solution has been found.

We as Gi-Ovo b.v.® are proud to be the supplier for Midlands Eggs!

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