Egg Crate Double Stack

Egg Crate Double Stack

The ultimate crate for eggs on trays. Offers perfect protection and is amazingly ergonomic. The lightweight yet very durable crates are specifically designed to work with GI-OVO’s egg trays, allowing easy egg stacking and the handling of multiple trays at once....
Mini Turkey Coop

Mini Turkey Coop

Dimensions: 77x57x42 cm Weight: 9,200 kg Sliding top door size: 42×32 cm Side spring door size: 30×40 cm Loading resistance: 1.000 kg Standard colour: yellow with white doors Capacity: 2/3 turkeys, depending on climate and weight Shipping capacity: 500 coops per 20 ft...
Turkey Coop

Turkey Coop

Dimensions: 97x58x42 cm Weight: 11,500 kg Sliding top door size: 42×32 cm Side spring door size: 30×40 cm Loading resistance: 1.000 kg Standard colour: yellow with white doors Capacity: 3/4 turkeys, depending on climate and weight Shipping capacity: 400 coops per 20...

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