The EggsCargoSystem® forms the perfect joint venture with all modern egg handling equipment available in the market. All created to assure maximum egg protection.

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EggsCargoSystem® Traditional

Are you looking for the best egg transport system for consumption eggs? Then we highly recommend EggsCargoSystem. ECS was introduced in the year 2000, because we wanted to offer a better solution for the current metal roll containers and paper trays. ECS offers:

  • maximum protection during egg transportation: less than 3 percent cracked eggs!;
  • It’s also the most sustainable system available on the market. Not only due to the extremely long lifespan, but also because the product is fully recyclable;
  • And last but not least, you can transport more eggs in the same truck!
4 layers
5 layers
6 layers

4 layers

8.640 eggs

  • Eggs Cargo pallet = 1 pallet
  • Eggs Cargo divider = 3 dividers
  • Eggs Cargo tray = 288 trays

5 layers

10.800 eggs

  • Eggs Cargo pallet = 1 pallet
  • Eggs Cargo divider = 4 dividers
  • Eggs Cargo tray = 360 trays

6 layers

12.960 eggs

  • Eggs Cargo pallet = 1 pallet
  • Eggs Cargo divider = 5 dividers
  • Eggs Cargo tray = 432 trays




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