EggsCargoSystem XL

The EggsCargoSystem® XL forms the perfect joint venture with all modern egg handling equipment available in the market.

EggsCargoSystem® XL

EggsCargoSystem XL is developed for the transportation of larger eggs, like duck and turkey eggs. The XL system is particularly suitable for the transport of hatching eggs/turkey eggs. It makes work easier and minimizes egg breakage. In addition, the entire system is also suitable for picking up and unpacking with robots.
One pallet holds a maximum of 5760 eggs.


EggsCargoSystem® Trays

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EggsCargoSystem® Pallets

EggsCargoSystem® Dividers

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EggsCargoSystem® XL is recommended by:

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Since it is of great importance to transport our egg handling system called EggsCargoSystem® XL in the most cost efficient way, you hereby find the figures concerning container loads and truckloads.

4 LAYERS = 5.760 EGGS

Eggs Cargo pallet 1 pallet
Eggs Cargo divider 4 dividers
Eggs Cargo tray 288 trays


5 LAYERS = 7.200 EGGSr

Eggs Cargo pallet 1 pallet
Eggs Cargo divider 5 dividers
Eggs Cargo tray 360 trays


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