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GI OVO Tray Inspector separates your broken trays

With its introduction over 20 years ago, our EggsCargoSystem® sets the standard for egg handling worldwide. A vital part of our egg handling infrastructure consists of our durable egg trays, which are available for various types and sizes of eggs.

These trays are built to last, but they are often used for a long period of time and may eventually develop small cracks or other deficiencies. We have introduced the ECS Tray Inspector to identify, separate and remove the broken trays from your production line.

How does the Tray Inspector work?

The ECS Tray Inspector is modular. It consists of a basic version that gets the job done, but it can be upgraded with several convenient additions to match your specific needs. Its basis consists of a conveyor line, a re-packer and an unpacker, a pusher that pushes the sorted trays and specially designed vision technology that detects the broken trays. The inspector can be expanded with various additions, such as:

  • Stacking device that can process stacks of trays
  • Stacking device that stacks all broken trays
  • Stacking device that stacks the functioning trays
  • An extra camera that can read the age of the trays
  • A connection to or from the other machines in your production process

Software to match the job

The ECS Tray Inspector is controlled by a PLC, a programmable logic controller. This PLC is connected to a computer that runs specially designed software. The software analyses every tray and sees any sort of crack or malfunction. The PLC then decides to which stack the tray is transported: broken trays or correct trays. The Tray Inspector can be equipped with an extra camera to scan the age of the trays. This gives you a real-time overview of the average age of the trays.

Facts & figures

Capacity 2.000 trays per hour
Weight 500 kgs
Materials Construction stainless steel, finished with polyamide
Measurements 2250 x 1750 x 1500 mm
Max. operating temperature 45°C
Pneumatic pressure 6 to 8 bar
Pneumatic volume 2500 L per hour
Connectivity Internet connection through ethernet cables or Wi-Fi
Type number G-2103-41

The Tray Inspector: an indispensable part of your egg production process

Even though our trays are designed to last for a long time, there comes a point where a tray can break. This malfunction can vary from a small crack in one of the corners to a larger crack on one of the sides. Broken trays may cause broken eggs, a disrupted production process or even severe damage to your machines. Implementing the ECS Tray Inspector as a part of your production process ensures that broken trays are separated and removed from your production chain.

More information about the Tray Inspector? Get in touch with us

Would you like to receive more information about the ECS Tray Inspector? Download the brochure or get in touch with our team of specialists. We can help you create the ideal solution that matches your requirements and your production processes. Our engineers can help you implement the Tray Inspector in your production line and tweak it to your needs.

Modular design of the machine

Basic machine

The tray detection machine has a modular design. It is consequently possible to build the machine in various configurations. The basic machine consists of the following modules:

  • Conveyor: This component constitutes the core of the machine to which all optional modules are connected.
  • Imaging module: This unit makes photographs of trays that the software will use to determine whether the trays are good or broken.

Optional modules

The following optional modules may be selected:

  • Denester: A denester can be supplied to handle trays delivered in stacks.
  • Bad-tray stacker: This module can be supplied to stack broken trays.
  • Good-tray stacker: This module can be supplied to stack good trays.
  • Extra camera: An extra camera can also be added in order to read the age of the trays.
  • Connection to or from existing machines within the process: Since the machine often has to operate within an existing process, it is important to ensure a proper transition from the already existing machines within the process to the tray detection machine.

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