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High quality reusable egg packaging

Handling and transporting eggs requires a very careful approach: eggs are fragile and valuable goods. They need to be stored and handled in an egg packaging solution that perfectly matches their shape, to prevent them from bouncing and breaking. GI-OVO designed the solution that helps you out: the EggsCargoSystem®. This high-quality system consists of various components, including reusable trays that match your type of eggs.

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The EggsCargoSystem® is created with durability in mind. Sustainability is of the utmost importance to us. All of our products are designed to be durable and last for a long period. The trays that are used within our ecosystem are reusable and made from virgin materials to ensure the highest quality. 

We see it as our mission to make the egg packaging and handling industry a more sustainable one. When products reach the end of their lifespan, we recycle them. Moreover, we produce our own, green energy, through burning non-fossil fuels only. 

Take a look at our egg handling system or get in touch with us, should you have any questions.

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The ultimate reusable egg packaging and transport system: the EggsCargoSystem®

Based on years of research and development and our extensive experience in the egg industry, we have developed the EggsCargoSystem®. The ECS is the ultimate way of making sure your eggs are handled with great care and transported in one piece. 

The basis of the ECS infrastructure consists of trays, pallets and dividers, with various add-ons to customize your production process. The trays are made out of high quality HDPE virgin materials, to guarantee a long lifespan. We offer crates in various sizes so they match your type of eggs: chicken eggs (in various sizes), duck and turkey eggs or quail eggs.

Some of our reusable egg packaging and egg trays

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Reusable egg packaging that matches your business

The EggsCargoSystem® sets the standard as the most sustainable means of handling and transporting fragile eggs. The reusable egg packaging materials, the trays, perfectly fit the matching pallets and the dividers prevent the stack of eggs from shoving and bouncing. 

Every component in the infrastructure can be customized to match your business. They can be produced in your company´s colors and equipped with tracking and tracing options. 

Even though the egg trays are built to last, after a period of using them intensively they may show cracks or other malfunctions. To make sure these trays are separated from your production line, we have introduced the Tray Inspector. This device scans every tray in your production line and automatically removes the broken ones. 

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