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The most durable egg handling equipment in the industry

Eggs are very fragile goods that require a cautious approach when handling them. There is a big risk of the eggs bouncing and shoving around, which can cause the egg shells to break. GI-OVO offers the most durable and highest quality egg handling equipment in the industry, including our EggsCargoSystem®.

Durability is an important theme for us. All of our products consist of high quality virgin materials, to ensure a long lifespan as well as maximum egg protection. We firmly believe that durability and sustainability are the way forward. When products reach the end of their lifespan, we recycle them and we produce our own green electricity for the production of our products.

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The EggsCargoSystem® is the ultimate solution for handling, storing and transporting eggs. This system consists of various types of trays that perfectly match your type of eggs, dividers to securely stack the trays and pallets that hold all of the eggs in a secure way. The components are made out of the highest quality HDPE virgin materials and can be produced in the colors of your company, for extra recognition.

You can upgrade your ECS with various add-ons, such as:

From hatching solutions to packaging and durable egg handling equipment: GI-OVO offers durable equipment

All of our egg handling and transporting equipment is made from durable materials and built to last. We offer solutions for the whole supply chain. From hatching solutions, such as optimized trays for fertile chicken eggs, to machines that remove broken trays from your production process: theTray Inspector.

Working with fertile chicken eggs requires an even more cautious approach. We offer a wide variety of hatching solutions, including trays and matching crates and pallets to safely transport them.

Moving eggs around and transporting them has never been easier than with our egg crates. They are specifically designed to hold multiple egg trays and offer easy stacking possibilities.


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More ways our egg handling and transportation solutions can help you

Read our article on reducing eggshell breakage, to find out how our ECS® can help improve profit margins by reducing waste. Learn more about sustainable egg transport and how sustainable our products really are, allowing you to save costs in the food industry. Got any questions or are you looking for a custom solution? Reach out to one of our representatives in an office closest to you or simply contact us through our contact page. Additionally, you can visit us at one of the many upcoming poultry trade shows to see our products for yourself.

Find out more about our durable egg handling equipment

GI-OVO has been at the forefront of the egg handling industry for well over 20 years. We have developed a broad portfolio of systems and products that enable you to carefully handle and transport eggs, minimizing the risk of egg shell breakage.

With offices in the US, Malaysia, Brazil and our headquarters in the Netherlands, our team is always nearby. Are you looking for more information about our products or about GI-OVO? Get in touch with your local GI-OVO office or send us an email: we are here to help.


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